• Passions
    • Protecting and Serving
    • Community Service and Outreach
    • Helping Single Parents
    • Eliminating Doubts, Fears and Any Thoughts that Limit Our Possibilities
    • Making Sure You Know You Can Be Healthy, Happy and Empowered No Matter Your Current Physical or Mental State.
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Music (playing instruments and producing)
  • Fun Facts
    • *I had Shingles during college from being so Stressed and that was a major turning point that aligned me to start assessing my environment, friends and any factors that could cause be STRESS
    • Hated/Extremely dislike running until I started practicing yoga post-graduate from college, but now I enjoy running anywhere ; )
    • I Love Pizza
    • Musician
      • Piano
      • Drums (Snare & Drum Set)
      • French Horn
      • Trumpet
      • Harmonica
      • Guitar
      • Singing
    • Would rather disconnect from technology than be in it
    • Influenced by My Father’s Domestic Violence
    • Tremendously Grateful for My Mother’s Strength, Perseverance and Dedication to Raising a Wholesome Family without a “father”

Born in Trenton, New Jersey and raised in Northeast Ohio since preschool, Max has played just about every sport thoroughly putting his body to the test. After playing hockey at John Carroll University, Max found himself in the corporate world in Columbus, Ohio programming websites. When a work store visit brought him to Lululemon for the first time he quickly became intrigued with the benefits/appeal yoga had for athletes, especially hockey players. Taking a posted note with a few suggestions for local yoga studios Max landed at the first one on the list, Thank Yoga, nestled between the heart of the Short North and Ohio State University Campus. Practicing under Studio Owner/Teacher Josie Schweitzer, he says, “The first class whooped Me in the most empowering way.” Being challenged in a completely new way mentally and physically Max left the gym to test yoga’s results fully on his body. Establishing a daily yoga practice Max wished to fully share his passion with others as he found facets of his everyday life improving positively in part to the yoga practice.

After 3 years practicing yoga in Columbus Max was lead back to Cleveland to share his knowledge with his two younger brothers, friends, family, and Community. It was not until six months back that Max embarked on his first yoga teacher training lead by his newest teacher, Diana Vitantonio. Completing the 200-hour Soul Activist YTT led by Diana, Max began teaching full-time and coaching hockey. Half a year later Max completed Cleveland Yoga’s 200-hour YTT lead by Tami Schneider. Compounding his Soul Activist and Baptiste yoga training Max’s classes are infused with prosperity for a stronger future. Striving to assist the Best version of You, in Your light, Max serves to give you the space to grow authentically in a safe space. Join Max’s raw, compassionate, and empowering flows fused with his athletic background to provide you with the best well-being tools.

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